Here at Bold Screen Printing, we understand that having a set of custom printed shirts can help you promote your venture or campaign. Promoting is no longer an expensive affair. You can enjoy the luxury without needing to pay a huge amount of money in the form of high overhead. If you wish to make custom t-shirts for your team, association or club, you will find that Bold Screen Printing offer you unbeatable prices. Here’s how we do.


Keeping in mind our commitment towards customer satisfaction, we bring you the most advanced techniques in cheap screen printing. Plastisol printing is one of the widely used methods to offer you unique printing designs on to clothes. We use plastisol inks to bring you innovative printing designs on the t-shirts, stockings and garments. Moreover, plastisol ink is especially useful for printing dark fabrics and opaque graphics. We have been using plastical ink in shirt printing for years and have mastered the art of printing designs with the use of this kind of ink.

We make use of Wilflex to produce custom Pantones and to obtain the right color you would like.



Foil process printing is a commonly used printing method. This particular method is utilized to add in matte or metallic look to the clothes. We have mastered the art of foiling clothes for several years and we make the best use of materials in order to attain the best possible results.

We, at Bold Screen Printing have the stock of nearly all kinds of foil colors. Thus, we make it easier for consumers and clients to choose the perfect color.

Our available stock of foil colors includes the following:

– Black          – Red
– White         – Blue
– Gold           – Purple
– Silver         – Orange
– Copper      – Pink
– Bronze       – pearlescent



If you want to add in a retail look to all your garments, we can do that for you. We utilize re-label printing to add in a retail look. You can have us to create a custom tag for your clothes. We can create custom tog on all kinds of garments. We highly recommend using high mesh count which offers you tags a soft hand feel so that it don’t bleed to the other side of the clothes on lighter colors.



Sport team printing is our niche and we have already helped several different soccer, football, basketball and softball teams with their need of custom apparel. We recognize the fact that each and every player has a singular number printed on the jersey or shirt. Therefore, we provide custom number printing per shirt for no extra set up charge.

Example: Jersey with printed numbers


T-shirt printing is very much in fashion and if you obtain cheap shirt printing you will definitely enjoy a different feel. Exhibit your style with cheap t-shirt printing services that will help you create a style statement of your own.